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The Experience:
Vineyard Club & Wine Appreciation Society

Raise your glass to the good life. To the sun, soil and stream. To bountiful rich Texas
land. To memories past and future dreams. Let us laugh with good friends and family.
Enjoy fruits of our labor and the vine. Let us savor every single day and drink the very
best wine. Never miss an opportunity to celebrate...

There's a sun drenched hill nestled into the rolling fields of North Texas where the Clemons Creek meanders lazily under a brilliant blue sky. A little slice of heaven.

Fertile land abundant with fruit. Vines teaming with Tempranillo and Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel, Black Spanish and Venus. A vineyard with a golden touch.

Where old friends reconnect, new friends meet and memories take root. Where every vista is a postcard. Where the sound of laughter echoes through the valley, and there's always a good reason to open another bottle of wine.

Welcome to Mitas Hill.

We are Mitas Hill Vineyard
Mitas Hill is a North Texas vineyard and winery in McKinney - in the heart of Collin County. Mitas Hill is owned and managed by members of the Mitas family.
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