Picture of the vineyard.
Held annually in
late July, early August
Our Annual Harvest

Each July through August, we harvest each of our varietals as they are ready. Only mother nature knows exactly when they will be ready, and we test them routinely waiting for that day to arrive. We will be picking grapes on several days during this time frame and will post on this web site and our facebook page those days when we harvest. You are welcome to come and watch and even help if you desire. Please check back often to see when the next harvest day is scheduled.

It’s a truly Texas experience – and a fun, unique way to experience The Vineyard at Mitas Hill!

Photo Gallery
Picture of a woman cutting grapes from the vine. Picture of a tray of various foods to be paired with wines. Picture of several trays of foods and the wines they will be paired with. Picture of a cake with Mitas Hill written on it in frost with grape leaf decoration. Picture of various foods eaten at our harvest. Picture of a man and women enjoying harvest day. Picture of young boy and girl staring at their bucket full of grapes. Picture of a family enjoying harvest day together. Picture of young boy cutting a bunch of grapes from the wine with the help of his mother. Picture of a bin of grapes as seen through a hole in the foliage of the vineyard. Picture of a vineyard working enjoying a grape while picking. Picture of several people all picking from the same row of grapes. Picture of man picking grapes from the opposite side of the row. Picture of a bucket filled with grapes. Picture of a woman cutting a cluster of grapes from the vine. Picture of Jack Mitas holding up a grape cluster in each hand. Picture of Jill and Brady documenting the number of buckets picked. Picture of Steve Mitas with son Jack driving the gypsy wagon tractor. Picture of three buckets of grapes Picture of gypsy wagon ready to go. Picture of a woman with a cluster of grapes hanging from her mouth.
We are Mitas Hill Vineyard
Mitas Hill is a North Texas vineyard, winery and events destination in McKinney - in the heart of Collin County. Mitas Hill is owned and managed by members of the Mitas family. We proudly offer guests the finest hospitality and the opportunity to savor the experience and art of Texas winemaking.
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